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At Lagos de Menegua we have a diverse portfolio of activities that let our guests connect with the natural beauty of the Colombian oriental plains. Our offer ranges from jeep adventures to light trekking. There is an option for every guest!

Lake tour

Lake tour

Don’t leave Lagos de Menegua without going to the Silence Lake. You can reach the reserve’s largest lake by foot, on the Jeep tour, biking or by horse.

At the lake, guests can fish, ride kayaks or water bikes, as well as a good swim in the natural waterfalls and pools.

Most of the plans that we offer include the entrance to the reserve and the mentioned activities. Verify that yours has it. Otherwise you can get the basic pack of activities at the hotel.



All around the reserve, there are trails that let guests explore and connect with nature. Each trail has its own difficulty level, let the concierge at the front desk suggest which is the most suitable.

If you rather have a guided tour, we offer one through the Bear’s trail, a path created by the reserve’s palm bears.

Guided tour: $XXX

Jeep Safari Tour Foto naturaleza-en

Jeep Safari Tour

In this tour you will ride a WWI Jeep to every corner of the reserve. Guests will be able to take a splash at the Palm Lake, will tour the fish farming facilities and relax by the Silence Lake. The tour takes tourist to the serranias for some spectacular photo opportunities. Suitable for all guests.

Price: $XXX

Horseback riding

Horseback riding

A staple activity of the Colombian oriental plains. We offer guided horseback tours around the reserve as well as hourly horse rentals. For the tours, we have created routes, that take participants through small rivers, to the reserve’s lakes and the serranias. 

During high season we offer guided tours on a daily basis. We recommend you reserve your spot a day in advance at the front desk.

Sunrise and Sunset riding 




La Bioreserva Lagos de Menegua es uno de los pocos lugares privilegiados que aún cuentan con cielos negros. Es frecuentado por astrónomos y aficionados de todo el mundo, para observación y fotografía de constelaciones, sistema solar  y via láctea. Su ubicación privilegiada permite la observación simultanea del hemisferio norte y hemisferio sur.

Contamos con un calendario de eventos astronómicos de libre inscripción. Para empresas y grupos específicos ofrecemos experiencias con exclusividad. 

Entre los meses de diciembre y marzo aumenta la probabilidad de cielos 100% despejados. 

Noches de Luna Roja todos los meses. Verifique el calendario "aquí" 

Bird sighting in Marayal and boat riding in the Meta River

Bird sighting in Marayal and boat riding in the Meta River

An adventure for true nature lovers. Participants travel the Meta River and some of its branches while sighting different bird species including migratory birds and local samples like the Orinoco geese.


Safari through the Meta, Manacacias and Yucao Rivers foto 3 del lago-en foto 1-en

Safari through the Meta, Manacacias and Yucao Rivers

An unforgettable adventure for the whole family.

Just an hour away from the Lagos de Menegua natural reserve, the tour begins in Puerto Gaitán, where the three rivers cross and offer a sight like no other. During the tour it is common to see monkeys, turtles, otters, reptiles and the iconic pink river dolphins.