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In 1963 Benoi Atallah found a new home in Lagos de Menegua.

With the heart of an explorer and the mind of an engineer, Benoi dedicated his life to developing and preserving Lagos de Menegua.

This paradise located between Puerto Lopez and Puerto Gaitán was seen at the time much like the wild west, a hard to reach region, where few recognized its true potential, despite being the point where the sun and the land meet, and the home of countless Colombian legends.

With ingenuity and dedication, Atallah built the lakes and the fish farming facilities in the land. Using responsible techniques, he redirected water from the morichales to the driest parts of the reserve, helping him build not only a sustainable economy but a more diverse ecosystem.

Lagos de Menegua became Atallah’s life long project and his family’s sanctuary away from the hassles of the city. In 1996, the hotel opened its doors, so more people could enjoy and appreciate the beauty of the region and help preserve it.

Today our mission remains the same, to give people a space where they can connect with nature and recognize its value, and this way help preserve our planet’s natural resources for generations to come. We believe in building responsible tourism industries as a path to a better future.